How to register for self assessment

Do you have to register for self assessment?

There are a number of reasons why you may have to complete
a tax return for the first time –  if you:

• become a company director
• start to get income from land and property in the UK
• have taxable foreign income of more than £300
• sell shares, property or other assets liable to Capital Gains Tax
• have annual income of £100,000 or more
• get untaxed income which cannot be collected through your PAYE code.

The easiest way to register for Self Assessment is by doing it online.

  1. Visit the HMRC website and create a Government Gateway account.
  2. You will then receive your Unique Tax Payer Reference number (UTR).
  3. You will also receive an activation code to log into your account for the first time.
  4. You can then complete the registration form

If you’re filing online for the first time

Before you can sign in you must:

  • have your UTR – you’ll find your UTR on the registration letter HMRC sent you
  • enrol for the online service (you can do this when you create a Government Gateway account)
  • activate the service using the code you’ll be sent in the post

If you have filed tax returns before

If you’ve sent in tax returns before, you can use your existing Unique Taxpayer Reference number and log into your online account to file your returns. If you don’t have an account or UTR, you need to apply for them on the HMRC site. Again, you’re probably looking at a few weeks waiting time to get set up, so make sure you register early.

When you start working for yourself, registering for Self Assessment is the first part. You’ve got to do it as soon as possible, and you’ll get fined if you wait too long. The deadline for registration is the 5th of October in your business’s 2nd tax year. Don’t miss it!


Get in touch with In2Accounting for help and advice on getting yourself registered and preparing and submitting your self assessment tax return on time. 

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